Beat The Heat This Summer 

Looking for something that is portable, durable, powerful, runs without plugging in to the wall? Battery Operated Fans are the perfect option for you if you are planning to beat the heat this summer. The worst part of summers are the sweat drenched clothes which makes it awfully smelly. You can’t stop the summer, but you can of course do something to save yourself form the blazing sun. Buy a battery operated fan and take it with you everywhere just by charging it for a time. Beside the sodas, hats and sunglasses, you need to add this to your bag while stepping out in the sun. They are light weighted and durable which makes it perfect to carry along with you. They are a good option to keep your babies and pets cool too. The super-fast rotating blades are covered so you don’t need to worry about safety.

So, if you are planning to buy one but getting confused which one to buy and looking for guidance, you have arrived at the right place. We will tell you everything you need to know before buying a battery operated fan.

Guide To Buy A Battery Operated Fan. 

There are few things you need to make sure is available in the fan you are about to buy, like,
• Speed Controller- You will need different speed in different situations, so make sure that there is a speed controller option in it.

USB charge option- You won’t always get an AC power source, so having one which is USB compatible will make it more handy.

• Blade Guard- Blade guards are very important. The high speed rotating fan blades can injure the little hands or paws. Some of them are capable of injuring a full grown man too.

 • Water Misting- If your fan comes with a water misting option, you will get cooldown quicker than anytime.

• Charging option- Things will be much easier if you buy one which runs on AC power source as well. So, if you’re indoors and the batteries are out of charge, you don’t have to suffer in the heat.

• Durability- If you are planning of making it a regular item of your outdoor session, buy one which is hard and sturdy so that it doesn’t breaks easily in a rough journey.

• Backup duration- You don’t want to run out of power while you are in the middle of a journey.

Choose the one which have a long term battery backup.

• Size- Size will be a big factor if you are planning to take it out with you. The battery operated fans comes in wide range of size. Choose ne which can easily fit in your bag or in the corner of your table.

So, now you know how to buy a fan that runs on battery. These fans are a great companion and a perfect add on for you summer camping kit. Though there are many manufacturers of these fans, almost all of them has the same feature. So, be sure you don’t over pay.